Create a Trusted Profile (Profil Zaufany)

A Trusted Profile is a digital tool that helps with the completion of administrative formalities online.

What is a Trusted Profile for?

It is not mandatory to create a Trusted Profile but it is helpful. The benefit of a Trusted Profile is faster and more efficient handling of many matters. On the Internet it executes the same functions as an identity document (i.e. passport or ID card). It allows the signing of an electronic document, which is treated by public entities (offices, banks, etc.) in the same way as a handwritten signature on a paper document.

It can be used for: 

  • access to the online patient’s account,
  • reporting the birth of a child,
  • applying for the 500+ benefit, 
  • signing up for an appointment in ZUS (social insurance) facility,
  • applying for an European Health Insurance Card,
  • checking driver’s penalty points,
  • submission of an application for registration of a business activity.

What do you need to prepare to create a Trusted Profile?

To create a Trusted Profile you need to have:

  • a working mobile phone with a number from a Polish operator,
  • e-mail address.

Where to set up?

Trusted Profile can be set up:

Trusted Profile activation

  • Through internet banking

In most cases, banks offer the service of creating a trusted profile. Each bank with this option has a different procedure to confirm the trusted profile, but they are very similar to one another.

  • Through confirmation point

After filling up the application form on website, the identity must be confirmed in person at the selected confirmation point.

Costs of creating a Trusted Profile

The service is free of charge.

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