Obtain a personal identity number (PESEL)

What is a PESEL number?

PESEL is an unique, eleven-digit code that identifies a physical person. It includes: date of birth, sequential number, gender and control number.

Why does a person from Ukraine need a PESEL number? 

The PESEL number is necessary to benefit from certain services and opportunities in Poland, related in particular to social welfare e.g.: 

  • 500+ (a monthly benefit for underage children of PLN 500),
  • PLN 300 for every child that still attends school to mark the beginning of the school year, 
  • co-financing of the children’s stay in the nursery.

PESEL number is also necessary to set up a business in Poland.

Who can apply for a PESEL?

Every Pole gets a PESEL number right after their birth. Sometimes other persons can also obtain a PESEL number e.g. refugees from Ukraine.

Applications for a PESEL number may be submitted by people who came to Poland directly from Ukraine in the period starting on February 24 2022, in connection with the ongoing war and:

  • have Ukrainian citizenship, or
  • have Ukrainian citizenship and the Polish Card, or
  • are members of the immediate family of a Ukrainian citizen who holds the Polish Card, or
  • are married to a citizen of Ukraine, but do not have Ukrainian or Polish citizenship.

Who cannot apply for a PESEL?

Citizens of Ukraine cannot apply for a PESEL if:

  1. they own in Poland:
  • permanent residence permit,
  • temporary residence permit,
  • European Union long-term residence permit,
  • refugee status,
  • residence permit for humanitarian reasons,
  • permit for tolerated stay,
  1. they have filed applications for international protection in Poland or someone has filed such an application on their behalf,
  2. they declared their intention to submit applications for international protection in Poland or to whom such declarations relate.

What do you need to prepare to obtain a PESEL number?

  • A form for assigning a PESEL number. It is available in any commune office. The form in Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian languages is also provided on the government website. 

Data needed to fill in the form: 

  • Name and surname,
  • Date and place of birth,
  • Country of birth and nationality,
  • Date of arrival to Poland,
  • Ukrainian registration number – if you have one. 
  • A document confirming the identity and proof that the pieces of information provided in the form are true (e.g. a passport). If a person does not have such a document, the PESEL number can still be obtained. Signing the form is equivalent to a declaration that the data given is true.
  • A photo in color on photographic paper with dimensions 35 x 45 mm (width x height). What conditions should the photo meet can be found HERE.


Minors (under the age of 18 y/o) cannot obtain a PESEL number. In that case, it is obligatory to provide data of the parents and/or the legal guardian of the child.


The application must be submitted in person. Minor cannot apply for  a PESEL number personally – it has to be represented by: 

  • parents, 
  • guardians,
  • probation officers,
  • temporary guardians, 
  • a person who looks after the minor.

A child under the age of 12 does not need to be present when applying – except where their identity will be determined based on a declaration.

Where can the application be submitted?

To obtain a PESEL number, you should go in person to any commune/city office.

Where will you get the confirmation?

At the commune office where you applied.

Costs of obtaining a PESEL number

The service is free of charge.

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