Temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens

Temporary protection applies to people who came from Ukraine as a result of military aggression. It automatically guarantees the right of residence, access to the labor market, social assistance, medical care and other benefits usually inaccessible to foreigners.

For whom?

Temporary protection is granted to:

  • citizens of Ukraine living in Ukraine fleeing the armed conflict since February 24, 2022, 
  • people who have legally lived in Ukraine based on a permanent residence permit and are not able to safely return to their country or region of origin,
  • people who have lived in Ukraine based on refugee status or a similar form of protection, or are family members of a person covered by such forms of protection in Ukraine.

As family members are considered:

  • spouses,
  • minors and unmarried children or children of a spouse, whether they were born in or outside of marriage,
  • other close relatives who have lived as one family and were wholly or partially dependent on that person in time of displacement.

How to get a certificate?

Ukrainian citizens may receive a certificate confirming the use of temporary protection for free.  The certificate is issued by the Office for Foreigners at the request of the foreigner.

The matter should be settled in person at the headquarters of the office in Warsaw (ul. Taborowa 33) from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or at the office in Biała Podlaska (ul. Dokudowska 19), from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

In case of any questions, the helpline is also available (+48 47 721 76 75).

The certificate is an exclusive proof of the use of temporary protection in Poland during its validity period (until March 4, 2023). 


I. Work

Foreigners who benefit from temporary protection may perform work on the same terms as Polish citizens.

A foreigner covered by temporary protection may register  in a district labor office as an unemployed person or a job seeker.

People can register at the district labor office:

  1. through the Internet portal,


  1. by contacting the district labor office servicing the area where the foreigner is registered.


A document that proves one’s identity is necessary for registration.

If a person does not work and does not conduct any business activity, they may register as unemployed.

If a person works and wants to change jobs, they can register as a jobseeker. They can use the services: job placement and career counseling.

II. Education


Every child aged 7 up to 18 is obliged to study in Poland. Education for children and adolescents in public schools is free of charge.

Parents are fully responsible for the implementation of compulsory education. They have full parental authority and are enrolling a child in kindergartens and schools.

Rules for the admission of children to schools

Primary school

  • Parents should contact the school in their place of residency. Children are admitted based on their parents’ registration, also during the school year.
  • If there are a lot of students in a primary school and the admission of foreign children will require organizational changes, the commune may designate another public primary school.
  • Parents can themselves choose a different school than the one assigned based on their place of residence.  In that case, the headmaster decides about the acceptance.

Post-primary school

Children are admitted to school based on:

  • foreign documents (the total amount of education years in the country and abroad). The age of the child and parents’ opinion can be considered,
  • in case of the absence of documents confirming the sum of school years – based on an interview conducted in Polish or a foreign language spoken by the student.

The student is admitted under the same conditions as applicable to Polish citizens to: artistic institutions, dormitories, boarding houses, activities developing interests and talents in a public educational institution, qualifying vocational courses, continuing education in out-of-school forms.

How to register for school?

To register your child at school, contact the school of your choice and ask for the required documents.

III. Medical care

The Office for Foreigners provides medical care for people who have a certificate of temporary protection.

  • In Poland, there is private health care (for which people need to pay themselves) and public health care (for which the state pays).
  • Ukrainian citizens can use state care free of charge: primary care doctors, specialist doctors, dentists, diagnostic tests, hospital treatment, rehabilitation etc.
  • In case of a sudden threat to health and life that requires emergency services, you should call the general emergency number 112.
  • 24-hour health care hotline: 800 190 590.

IV. Social assistance

The Office for Foreigners provides assistance through accommodation and food, or in the form of a cash benefit for people who have a certificate of temporary protection.

Social assistance, apart from medical care, accommodation and food, includes:

  • financial assistance for the purchase of cleaning and hygiene products,
  • access to learning Polish and basic learning materials,
  • educational aids for children receiving education and care in public institutions, primary schools, or secondary schools, 
  • financing public transport when used to help treatment or immunization, as well as in other justified cases,
  • A cash equivalent in return for feeding a child until the child reaches the age of 6 or for primary or secondary school students.

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